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Commodity Jurisdiction Final Determinations


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CJ Determinations by Year: 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | All
Model Name Manufacturer Description Final Determination Determination Date
G400, GIV, and GIV-MSG3 Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and BAE Systems Infrared countermearures systems installed on Gulf stream GIV/G400 aircraft. USML XI(a)(4)(iii) 3/27/2017
Vortex Illuminated Bubble Level Sheltered Wings, Inc DBA Vortex Optics An illuminated bubble level that is mountable to a MIL-STD- 1913 accessory rail. USML I(h) 3/27/2017
Benelli M4 Collapsible Stock Benelli USA Benelli M4 Collapsible Stock EAR99 3/27/2017
Anvil Semi Auto Precision Rifle; M/N: Gen I RTH Firearms Semi auto rifle used for recreational, hunting and sporting events. USML I(a) 3/27/2017
N/A KBR, Inc Technical data and services for a space project. USML XV(f) 3/27/2017
N/A Integral Mind Technologies, LLC Artificial intelligence platform EAR99 3/23/2017
FM Units Sierra microwave Technology Duplexer for radar imaging spacecraft. ECCN 9A515.x (article) and ECCn 9E515.a (technology) 3/23/2017
DART-T, TELOS, and BLOS-T Raytheon Company Wireless methor of point-to-point, beyond the line-of-sight communication. ECCN 5A991.b 3/23/2017
N/A Patriot Defense Group LLC Proposal document for training services. CCATS 3/23/2017
T10-SC Thermal Imager Torrey Pines Logic inc Thermal Imaging Device USML XII(c )(2)(i) 3/23/2017
Release Bolt Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (California) LLC A severing tool or explosive release bolt to separate the stages of a bomb or SLV. USML IV(h)(11) 3/23/2017
NOP0748 Noptel Oy Marksmanship Training Device EAR99 3/23/2017
117X Applied Systems Engineering Inc Commercial off shelf Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier. CCATS 1/11/2017
N/A Pall Corporation Sintered Stainless steel mesh filter disc used in the On-board Oxygen Generating System for the JSF. ECCN 9A610.x 1/11/2017
Bolt Carrier Group Brownells, Inc A bolt carrier group for an AR-15/M-16 Rifle. USML I(h) 1/11/2017
Compound Protection Software 16/7 US Microflown Software package specially designed for use with Microflown's Acoustuc Multi-Mission Sensor (AMMS) 16/8 rev.0 for localization oof gunshot and mortar rounds. USML XI(d) 1/11/2017
Greenough Advance Rescue Craft (Base Craft Models: 3.6G, 4.3G, 4.3D) Maritime Applied Physics Corp Base models of their advanced rescue watercraft. ECCN 8A992.f 1/10/2017
Fuel Bladder; M/N: 1.3 ; P/N: F1341-237101 Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing Inc Storage of jet fuel used in a torpedo CCATS 1/10/2017
Accu-Pistol Brace Pro Kit Steady Shot LLC A pistol stabilizer brace that can be attached to multiple pistols. EAR99 1/10/2017
Boron Caribine Nanopowder Pcatinny Arsenal Boron carbine nanopower with particles of 60 micrometers or less in size for the production of armor components, or commercialy as an abrasive or for high-hardness functions. EAR99 1/10/2017
Project title: Enchance Environmental Performance for Safety Glass National Center for Manufacturing Sciences Research for the purposes of improving safety glass (windshields on military vehicles) to mitigate rock-strike damage). Split 1/17/2017
FINDER SpecOps Group, Inc Radar system meant for finding victims in catastrophe situations. The radar works by detecting heartbeat and respiration. EAR99 1/17/2017
High Shock Gas Filled Thermometers and High Stock Bimetal Thermometers Model# MIL-G-19646 and MIL-I-17244E Part# various (E31, E32m E35) Other Id: 31G, 41G, and 81G Ashcroft, Inc Thermometers specially designed for use in and with U.S. military vessels, which are currently used on U.S. Navy military submarines and aircraft carriers. USML XX© 1/17/2017
N/A Allied Vision GmbH Firmware for Infrared Cameras EAR99 1/17/2017
Advanced Training Laser Pistol (Model Sf25) (Version: Basic and Version Pro Advanced) Laser Ammo USA Inc Firearm training simulator. CCATS 1/17/2017
Mott 5000 Series Mott Corporation Flow restrictors to transport gases. EAR99 1/17/2017
17 micron; 320x240 and 640x480 L-3 Communications Infrared focal plane arrays with 17 micron pitch. ECCN 6A992.a.3.f 1/17/2017
N/A Action Target, Inc Safety training using a shoothouse. This training course simulates operations in scenarios typically encountered by police officers. The training covers various things, including operating a firearm in these scenarios. USML I(i) 2/10/2017
1553B IP Core Digital Design Corporation VHDL design for PLD/FPGA/ASIC that provides BD, RT, and BM functionality for MIL-STD-1553B. ECCN 7D994 2/10/2017
PDG7558B & 2022as100 Champ Industries, Inc Engine lift trailer and a disabled aircraft wheel dolly. EAR99 2/10/2017
IR Reflective Textile NanoSonic, Inc Foam neoprene fabric with a coating that provides thermal insulation. EAR99 2/10/2017
Battery Compartment; Night Vision Airtonics Battery compartment for night vision goggles. ECCN 7A611.x 2/10/2017
MESA-DAA Echodyne Corp Radar for airborne or ground-based detect and avoid for UAVs. USML XI(a)(3)(i) 2/10/2017
N/A Glaxo Operations UK Limited (Among others) Alkylating agents used for medical purposes in cancer treatments. EAR99 2/10/2017
OOO Wayfarer Technologies Augmented reality medical training software system under development. EAR99 3/7/2017
i2-XM Innovative Intuitive Technology Iinc Stabilized gimbal with standard definition EO and IR Video. ECCN 6003.b.4.a 3/8/2017
Pachmayr Grip Extenders Lyman Products Corporation Adapter that fits securely over factory magazines EAR99 3/7/2017
F-18 Switch Panel Assembly Installed on F-18 aircraft cockpit panel Zodiac Lighting Solutions Aircraft lighting installed on military that emits lights. USML VIII(h)(1) 3/7/2017
Mod 1 Carolina Unmanned Vehicles UAV system to capture drones CCATS 3/7/2017
Versatile Biathlon Stock ; M/N: 1; P/N: 1 Lost Nation Research & Development Adjustable stock designed specifically for an .22lr biathlon rifle. USML I(h) 3/7/2017
i2-XL Innovative Intuitive Technology Iinc Stabilized gimbal with standard definition EO and IR Video. ECCN 6A003.b.4.a 3/8/2017
Hydraulic Accumulator Parker Hannifin Accumulator CCATS 3/15/2017
Cyber Protection Training Sphinx Group International LLC Basic Training service on computer network defense provided to foreign oil and gas energy industry personnel. Not ITAR or EAR 3/15/2017
Mark 8 CQBSS 1.1-8x24MM Riflescope (model mark 8 CQBss 1.1- 8x24MM) Leupold & Stevens, INC Optical sighting device for firearms USML I(f) 2/22/2017
Foot System to Evaluate Pressure and Shear (FoorSTEPS) Innovative Scientific Solutions, Incorporated A hardware and software system that measures the 3-D forces produced by foot contact. EAR99 2/28/2017
Law Enforcement Training Services Sphinx Group International LLC Law Enforcement Training Services provided to foreign law enforcement students. Not ITAR or EAR 2/28/2017
Field Intravenous Reconstitution (FIVR) System Applied Research Associates, Inc A compact sterile water for injection (SWFI) generator with an aseptic bag filling system. EAR99 2/28/2017
Generic Leadership Training Services Sphinx Group International LLC Generic Leadership Training Services provided to a foreign military audience. CCATS 2/28/2017
Roller Chain (Model Number: 42804-2 Rivet Chain) (Part Number: 387-371750P) The Boeing Company Commercial link chain modified to be a roller chain used as an ammo feed for a Boeing M230 30mm gun. USML II(j) 2/28/2017
250T8G18 AR RF Microwave instrumentation Traveling wave tube amplifier EAR99 2/27/2017
STINN-LTEmp Optronic Laboratories LLC, d/b/a Gooch & Housego A lithium niobiate quality factor switch factor switch used in ;aser systems having both military and commercial (Medical) use. CCATS 2/28/2017
Electro-optic Q-Switch, Model No. 7100-11/97-00970-01 Cornet Technology inc Lightweight man-packable network node designed to operate with a wide range of handheld devices, including smartphones. ECCN 5A002.a.1 2/28/2017
Radome Boresight Error Measuring System Family, Model nos. B-310, B315, B350-80, and P465 Acutronic USA, INC Equipment primarily designed to test radomes to determine if their electrical characteristics are within acceptable limits ECCN 5A002.a.1 2/28/2017
SA-200 Weasel Scion UAS, LLC Autonomous turbine-powered helicopter together with a ground-control station and antenna. ECCN 9A012.a 2/28/2017
N/A Antenna Associates Inc Antenna elements (PC Board), which are part of an electronically steered antenna will be used for the electronic steering of a radar beam. USML XI(c )(2) 2/28/2017
10553-1300-0X Keypad Display Unit Harris Corporation, Communication Systems Remote keypad to Harris Falcon II and Falcon III radios. ECCN 3A611.x 2/28/2017
Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) Threat Training TechINT Solutions Group Training course to familiarize particiants with the threats posed by commercially available small unmanned aircraft systems (i.e., drones) and the range of available countermeasures. EAR99 for the basic course. USML Cat IX(e )(3) for combat-specific training 3/1/2017
Pachmayr Mag Sleeves Lyman Products Corporation An adapter that fits securely over factory magazines. EAR99 3/1/2017
Conceptual Autonomous Reverberation measurement System (ARMS) University Washington A concepual sea-floor system to acoustically collect reverberation data generated by weather events at the sea surface. CCATS 2/7/2017
Version 8.X SafeNet Assured Technologies Key Management platform. ECCN 5A002.a.1 2/7/2017
Single Action Arresting Hook Dukes Aerospace inc A pneumatic arresting-hook actuator (consisting of cylinder, a piston and seals) Specifically designed for the F-16 aircraft. USML VIII(h)(5) 2/7/2017
iScout (the Sensor) McQ Inc Small Solar or battery powered sensor for detecting the movement of people or vehicles ECCN 3A611.x 2/16/2017
LCS050G Geometrics, Inc Total field magnetometer sensor module USML XI(a)(9) 2/16/2017
Handl Defense Combat Assault Rifle-Universal; M/N: CAR-U mod 1; P/N: HD 1005-10-279-0001 Handl Defense LLC Magazine fed, gas operated, and select fire rifle that is able to use a large variety of calibers in one weapon system USML I(b) 2/16/2017
Semi-Finished Lower Receiver AR-15; M/N: AR-15 Wilcox industries Corp Lower Receiver USML I(g) 2/16/2017
N/A Harris Corporation, Communication Systems TVP, which is used to take analog videos from a camera and digitize the videos. ECCN 3A661.a 2/16/2017
FA84ZC0007 Moog, Inc. Actuation system, which facilitates maneuverability of the aircraft by adjusting the left and right wings to align with the aircraft's angle of attack. ECCN 9A610.x 2/16/2017
ProtectSED Software SafeNet Assured Technologies Software to manage and distribute cryptographic keys for self-encrypting drives (SEDs) at disparate locations. ECCN 5D002.c.2.1 2/16/2017
Silicon carbide and boron carbide ceramic tiles for body armor systems; P/N: Torso/Side shaped Ceramic Tile Morgan Advanced Materials and Technology, Inc Torso shaped tiles used in front, back, and side body armor configurations. CCATS 2/16/2017
Feedthru CeramTec North America Corporation Hermetic Assembly CCATS 2/16/2017
Model AN/PRC-149A KDC Tech Solutions International, LLC Communications Equipment ECCN 3A611.a 2/16/2017
Revision M AR Systems Inc Lamp dimmer for the Horizontal Reference System ECCN 3A611.x 2/16/2017
planetary Gearhead with Mounting kit Parker Hannifin Corp Planetary gearhead, of a type in various high-precision motion-control-control applications, both commercial and military, that require a high torque-to-volume ratio, high torsionalstiffness, and low backlash ECCN 9A991.d 01/04/2017
N/A MXL Industries, Inc Visor of n integrated helmet system EAR99 01/04/2017
C7022 Johnson Matthey Inc Bis-phosphine ferrocene ligands, which are used to perform a variety of chemical reactions, used to construct complex organic molecules for use in commercial pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications USML V(f)(4)(xv) 01/04/2017
C3088 Johnson Matthey Inc Rhodium ferrocene catalysts, which perform chemical cross-coupling and hydrogenation reaction, used to construct complex organic molecules for use in commercial pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications USML V(f)(4)(xv) 01/04/2017
N/A Phoenix Logistics, Inc Transmission line coupler used in the Apache AH-64 helicopter ECCN 9A610.x 01/06/2017
Next-Generation Image Control Unit (NGICU) Palomar Display Products, Inc Biocular, color, high-definition display that receieves imagery in standard video formats from cameras and other video sources, and is a major component of military television sighting and viewing units ECCN 0A606.x 01/10/2017
Pocket UAS AeroVironment, Inc Micro quadcopter unmanned aite system CCATS 01/10/2017
Quartz High-Pressure Ballistic Pressure Sensor, Part No. 617C Kistler Instrument Corporation A piezoelectric ballistic pressure sensor for interal ballistics testing, closed bomb testing, and fast pressure event measurement and testing used for firearms and ammunition testing, and automobile air bag testing. USML III(d)(3) 01/30/2017
F-18 Switch Panel Assembly installed on F-18 aircraft cockpit panel IDD Aerospace Corp Avionic panel display switch used on the F-18 aircraft for filtering the emission of light CCATS 01/31/2017
F-22 Bezel Assembly installed in a Projection Primary Display (PPMFD) Cockpit IDD Aerospace Corp Avionic control display switch bezel used on the F-22 aircraft for filtered light emission USML VII(h)(1) 01/31/2017
VPX 3U; VPX 6U SynQor inc Power Supplies EAR99 01/31/2017
Various AR-15 parts N/A replacement parts for an AR-15 rifle, which is a rifle used for hunting and personal protection Split Determination 01/31/2017
EBM-1000 SynQor inc Lithium polymer battery EAR99 01/31/2017
MPS 4000 Series; MPPS 4000 Series SynQor inc Ruggedized power supplies EAR99 01/31/2017
Umbilical Guide Housing Kaiser Aluminum Fabricated Products an aluminum extrusion for the manufacture of Umbilical Guide Housings for the Eurofighter Typhoon USML VIII(h)(6) 01/31/2017
SD-41 Oceus Networks, Inc Ruggedized smartphone with enchance security features ECCN 5A002.a.1 01/30/2017
N/A John Bean Technologies Corporation Ground Power Unit for Aircraft CCATS 01/23/2017
JTP Plus 270 VDC Power Unit John Bean Technologies Corporation Combination ground power system, which is capable of servicing military aircraft that require 270 VDC from a single unit CCATS 01/23/2017
JTP Plus 270 VDC/400 Hertz Combo unit John Bean Technologies Corporation Combination ground power system, which is capable of servicing military aircraft that require 400 Hz or 270 VDC from a single unit CCATS 01/23/2017
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