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DTrade Help Desk
Getting Started With DTrade (PDF, 355KB)
DTrade FAQs (PDF, 624KB)

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Form Guidelines
  DSP-5 Guidelines (PDF, 59KB)
  DSP-6 Guidelines (PDF, 59KB)
  DSP-61 Guidelines (PDF, 45KB)
  DSP-62 Guidelines (PDF, 66KB)
  DSP-73 Guidelines (PDF, 64KB)
  DSP-74 Guidelines (PDF, 59KB)

Additional Guidelines
  DSP-73 & 61 Additional Guidelines (PDF, 125KB)
  DTrade User Requirements (PDF, 32KB)
  DTrade User Manual (PDF, 10MB)
  Other Licensing Guidelines
  Company Names Guidelines (PDF, 354KB)

Digital Certificates
  What are digital certificates? (PDF, 9KB)
  GSA Authorized Vendors
  - IdenTrust
  - ORC

PKI/SHA-256 Information
  SHA-256 Digital Certificate FAQs (PDF, 398KB)

DTrade Form Viewer
  IBM Forms Viewer (v8.2) (Updated 04/15/16)
  IBM Forms Viewer Installation Instructions (PDF, 538KB)      

DTrade v3.2.2 – Production Forms
DSP-5 v9.3: Form (XFD, 364KB)

DSP-6 v9.3: Form (XFD, 280KB)

DSP-61 v9.3: Form (XFD, 319KB)

DSP-62 v9.3: Form (XFD, 286KB)

DSP-73 v9.3: Form (XFD, 342KB)

DSP-74 v9.3: Form (XFD, 290KB)

DTrade v3.2.1 – Batch Processing Schema
Guidelines: Batch Processing Specifications (PDF, 766KB)

DSP-5 v7.1: XML File (47KB)

DSP-6 v7.1: XML File (35KB)

DSP-61 v7.2: XML File (39KB)

DSP-62 v7.1: XML File (40KB)

DSP-73 v7.2: XML File (40KB)

DSP-74 v7.1: XML File (37KB)

Common Schema v7.6: XML File (21KB)

Digital Signature v3: XML File (10KB)