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Commodity Jurisdiction Final Determinations


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Model Name Manufacturer Description Final Determination Determination Date
MARK-1ir and MARK-4ir Beam of Light Technologies, Inc. Hand-held laser devices CCATS 12/12/2017
Samson Evolution Series and STAR Series Rails Samson Manufacturing Corporation AR-15 rifle handguards with rails USML Category I(h) 12/12/2017
MIDS Dual Hydro-phone Sensor (MDHP-S) Qual-Tron, Inc. A hydrophone sensor system (land-based or buoy-mounted) with two acoustic hydrophone transducers for detecting motorized boats on inland and international waterways by listening for the noise produced by the RPMs of boat engine or propellers as they travel through water CCL ECCN 6A991 12/12/2017
Parachute Recovery System Airborne Systems North America, Inc. Parachute recovery system is designed to recover the first stage booster for small suborbital sounding rockets and small satellite launch vehicles CCL ECCN 9A604.x 12/12/2017
P/N FC-FD-8X24 Accurate Energetics Systems, LLC A flexible explosive breaching charge that contains up to 222 grams of PETN explosive combined with polystyrene beads in a layered system of sealed bags CCATS 12/12/2017
NN 4.00.00 Frontier Technology, Inc. Software used to diagnose and predict pending failures of complex machines EAR99 12/12/2017
IronDefense Services IronNet Cyber-security, Inc. Services, including implementation, technical support, and training services, related to IronDefense, a commercial, dual-use cybersecurity soft-ware platform CCL ECCN 5E002.a 12/12/2017
CVA-14 Chromatra, LLC Adapter to convert the monochromatic PVS-14 image into color using filters CCL ECCN 7A611.x 12/12/2017
C-TRIP-IR and C-TRIP-10ir Beam of Light Technologies, Inc. Hand-held laser devices CCATS 12/12/2017
N/A Tech Fibers, Inc Nanocarbon particle material and a binder coated on a non-woven veil or formed into a mat for use in composite structures. They improve the electrical, thermal, or mechanical properties of the composite. USML Category XIII(j)(2) 12/12/2017
Prototype Sarcos Group LC Optical Position Sensor EAR99 12/12/2017
Model AS4SD4M16DG version 2.7, P/N AS4SD4M16DG-10XT Micross Solutions LLC Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) tested to non-standard performance ratings and hot-solder dipped EAR99 12/15/2017
Sponson Sensor Mount, P/Ns 6073-A301-002/ -004 Contract Fabrication & Design, LLC Mounts sensors to military helicopters; related information CCL ECCN 9A610.x
CCL ECCN 9E610.a
P/Ns ETG-BM2-001, ETG-BM1-001, ETG-RVM-001, ETG-M3K-001, and ETG-FA3-001 Contract Fabrication & Design, LLC Replacement trigger guards for shotguns EAR99 12/15/2017
P/N TCR-MBA-50 WB Tricom Research, Inc. 50 Watt Wideband/Multiband RF Amplifier CCL ECCN 3A611.x 12/15/2017
Paragrine Air Ground Utility Vehicle, Model Paragrine AGUV-9 Paragrine Systems, LLC A powered parafoil vehicle capable of flight and ground travel CCL ECCN 9A991.b 12/15/2017
Dual-Load Blue Chip Slapper Detonator, P/N 327912 Excelitas Technologies Corp Explosive detonator used in SAFF devices USML Category IV(h)(9) 12/15/2017
Lithium Thermal and Liquid Reserve Munitions Batteries EnerSys Advanced Systems, Inc. Fast-activating, short-duration, single-use batteries with long shelf-lives and high tolerance for temperature, acceleration, and spin rates USML Categories III(d)(1), III(d)(2), IV(h)(9), and XIII(h)(3) 12/22/2017
Synthetic Aperture Sonar QUAlity Test Calibration Hardware (SASQUATCH) Prototype Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation Calibration system for evaluating the effects of the operational environment on SONAR systems System: EAR99 and USML Category XI(a)(7)
Data: not ITAR- or EAR-controlled
DarkBlue, v. 1.1 Bluestone Analytics, LLC A cyber threat intelligence analysis software platform that, via Tor, indexes the Dark Web and stores the collected data into a database, which allows the user to search for and identify cyber threats (IP addresses, domains, hacker groups, ransomware variants, etc.) operating or being traded on the Dark Web CCL ECCN 5D002.c.1 12/22/2017
Samarium-Cobalt Magnet, P/N FP24018P1 General Electric Company Magnet designed for use in the generator converter unit of F/A-18E/F and G aircraft USML Category VIII(h)(1) 12/22/2017
Combustion Chamber, Model S1 Alpha Firefly Aerospace, Inc. Drawing of a combustion chamber used in the engine of a space launch vehicle USML Category IV(i) 12/17/2017
Fairlead Alignment Tool Pin, Cross Ordnance Technology Service Inc. Tool used to assemble a ball-and-socket fairlead assembly used in MK 46 torpedoes CCL ECCN 0B604.a 12/22/2017
XTS Electro-optic Q-switch, Model No. 7100-11/ 97-00970-12 Optronic Laboratories, LLC, d/b/a Gooch & Housego, Ltd. A specially-treated lithium niobiate electro-optic q-switch developed specifically for use in and with military continuous-wave laser systems USML Category XII(e)(21) 12/22/2017
KILO2500ABS Sig Sauer, Inc. Monocular laser rangefinder with bluetooth EAR99 12/22/2017
FE-444A Frequency Electronics, Inc., Oscillator, which employs a temperature-controlled chamber to minimize oscillator frequency variations. The oscillator is used to provide a stable signal source in electronic circuits for high-vibration applications. ECCN
Software-defined RF transceiver, P/N SRC5986A SRC, Inc. Software-defined radio (SDR) developed for use in ITAR-focused applications CCL ECCN 3A611.x 10/30/2017
ME6880-M1 Telephonics Corporation Compact communications device with multiuser capacity ECCN 5A991.g 10/30/2017
HE360 Software, HE360 Spacecraft, and Hawk Cluster HawkEye 360, Inc. Satellite-based software used to generate metadata from received radio frequency signals and for performing survey and mapping from space; a single spacecraft consisting of a satellite bus and payload loaded with HE360 software; and a triad of spacecraft comprising three HE360 satellites HE360 Software:
ECCN 9D515.a
HE360 Spacecraft: ECCN 9A515.a.5
Hawk Cluster: seek a CCATS
Boson 320x256, 12 micron pixel pitch; 640x512, 12 micron pixel pitch; 60Hz or 9Hz frame rates Flir Family of Longwave Infrared Camera Cores ECCN 6A003.b.4.b for 60Hz versions, ECCN 6A993 for 9Hz versions 10/23/2017
sKey3250 High Assurance Authentication Token v1.0, P/N 911-500023-001 SafeNet Assured Technologies LLC A SmartCard and SmartCard reader combined in a single USB token EAR99 10/23/2017
Remote-Control Unit, P/N 70153-XX Industrial Electronic Engineers, Inc. remote-control unit used with the AN/VLQ-12 CREW Duke IED-jamming system ECCN 3A611.x 10/24/2017
MS-0018 S&S Precision Helmet mounted IFF infrared signaling device USML XII(c)(8) 10/24/2017
Future Advanced Threat Simulator (FATS), P/Ns: AD-243378-FATS-0001;AD-243378-FATS-0002; and AD-243378-FATS-0003 243378 UBC, Inc. Antenna for a sophisticated simulation, test and evaluation too ECCN 0A614.x 10/10/2017
Randomized Surface for Non-specular Reflection, Prototype Stage Associated Universities Inc. A randomized geometric surface that scatters RF to reduce interference instead of absorbing it like RAM CCATS 10/10/2017
DRT1211C The Boeing Company A surveillance tool for a variety of analog and digital wireless standards. It also provides electronic attack, manual jamming, reactive jamming, smart jamming, and interrogation capabilities. USML XI(a)(4)(iii) 10/4/2017
N/A N/A Documents discussing nuclear technologies presented at a space conference Not subject to ITAR or EAR 10/2/2017
GEC2O CE Mechdyne Corporation A geospatial asset visualization, collaboration, and situational awareness software package that uses a mapping engine to track assets and collaboratively plan events, that archives event data, and communicates via chat, text, VOIP, and imagery using 256-bit encryption. ECCN 5D002.c.1 11/8/2017
Revision Level J Chili Machine & Parts Armor steel plates cut to various thicknesses and sizes. CCATS 11/8/2017
AR-15 Upper Assembly, P/N UICCUBLK12M2MLOK American Defense Manufacturing, LLC Upper assembly for an AR-15 USML I*(g) 11/8/2017
Pegasus and Destiny Micro Air Data Systems Aeroprobe Corporation compact microprocessor-based systems used to calculate air data in real time ECCN 7A994 11/8/2017
Scientific Presentation: ?Novel shock tube techniques and chemical kinetics? Argonne National Laboratory set of 32 slides on a novel method for using shock tubes to study the chemical kinetics of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and propargyl Not a defense service
Information not controlled by the ITAR or the EAR
Air rifle pellets Nielsen Specialty Ammo Cast and swaged pellets intended for use in air rifles EAR99 11/8/2017
TBD Callery, LLC Lithium salt of a caged boron compound. EAR99 11/8/2017
M/N AN/AVS-9(v), P/N F4949 Harris Corporation, Communication Systems Division A night vision flying system USML XII(e)(23)(iii) 11/17/2017
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program Ionospheric Research Facility (HAARP Facility), the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), the Modular UHF Ionospheric Radar (MUIR), and other science instruments and research services and assistance related thereto. Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks;
USAF Research Laboratory;
USN Naval Research Lab.;
BAE Advanced Technology (Prime)
An ionospheric research facility comprised of the IRI, a 3.6 MW phased antenna array that can transmit a single beam or multiple shaped beams at 2.8 to 10 MHz, the scientific instruments related thereto, including the MUIR, used to analyze the IRI?s effects on the ionosphere, and other related research services and assistance provided to foreign persons. USML Cat. XI(a)(3)(xii), Cat. XI(d), ECCN 6A008.e, EAR99, and seek CCATS 11/17/2017
Ecliptus, Model Number ES1000-1 Aviation Specialties Unlimited, Inc. Night vision camera that combines a GoPro Hero 4 with different image intensifier tubes (IITs) USML Category XII(e)(23)(iii) for versions with IITs manufactured using classified production data;
ECCN 6A003.b.3 for versions using IITs described in ECCNs 6A002.a.2.a or 6A002.a.2.b; and
EAR99 for versions not aforementioned
IQC91000A-xxx Bird Technologies Group, Inc., for wholly-owned subsidiary X-COM Systems Broadband RF Recording System USML Category XI(a)(11) 11/17/2017
ANT-CRPA-2-RAY-MG-01 TE Connectivity 2-element passive antenna array designed to receive Global Navigation Satellite System signals ECCN 3A611.x 11/17/2017
Laser Diode Pulser (LDP) for testing Laser Warning Systems; Model and P/N Y14-10012-XXX United Technologies Corporation Test set for LASER Warning Systems USML Category XI(a)(11) 11/17/2017
DBX-1 Part Number: 2-900187-1 Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company, LLC. A primary explosive developed for the purpose of replacing toxic lead azide used in ordnance. CCL ECCN 1C992.i 11/17/2017
Back-chaining Test Suite (BTS) Carnegie Mellon University Software used to find defects in complex software systems by testing the robustness of software system modules against unexpected inputs. EAR99 11/17/2017
Avwatch Mobile Tracking Antenna System, MTS 1.0 Avwatch, Inc. An electronic telecommunications device that uses a high gain direction antenna to track mobile ad hoc network nodes, and to transmit and receive data, in the form of Internet Protocol packets, including high-definition video and other IP-based data, to and from those nodes ECCN 5A991.c.3 11/17/2017
487417-101-S Quality Thermistor, Inc. Sensor assembly used for temperature monitoring in the avionics box for flight control in the F-35 aircraft USML Category VIII(h)(1) 11/17/2017
Falcon 1550nm and 1064 Liquid-Cooled Cameras, CAM-G4096-S15-X1 and CAM-G4096-S10-X1;
Falcon 1550nm and 1064nm Air-Cooled Cameras, CAM-G4096-S15-00 and CAM-G4096-S10-00
Princeton Lightwave, Inc. Four 128x32 pixel flash 3-D LIDAR cameras, each having a sensor engine comprised of a 50?m pixel pitch infrared focal plane array with an InP/InGaAsP Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode array flip-chip bonded to a custom CMOS readout integrated circuit ECCN 6A003.b.4.a 11/17/2017
Lubricating screw pump, Model L3MF 52/104 identical to existing Serial # 123012.001 Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp. Rotary positive displacement pump for lubricating or hydraulic fluid. CCL ECCN 2B999.j 11/8/2017
Models LTN-72 and LTN-92, P/Ns 452050 and 463001 Northrop Grumman Corporation Legacy commercial INS configured with additional functionality ECCN 7A611.a 11/8/2017
Part Numbers:
A-A-52083; and
Breyden Products, Inc. Flat braided tapes that are designed to provide protection to individual wiring as well as bundle individual wires into a wiring harness EAR99 11/8/2017
Silencer Baffle, M/N: RIB v2, P/N: 1.75-RIB v2 H&W Precision A component inside of a suppressor to slow down the escaping propellant gas and thus decrease the sound intensity of the weapon. USML Category I(h) 11/20/2017
MHU-110/M Munitions Trailer, M/N: MHU-110, P/N: 68E6900-50 and MHU-141/M Munitions Trailer, M/N: MHU-141, P/N: 748500 PDI Ground Support Systems, Inc. Trailers designed to transport air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons systems USML Category IV(c) 11/20/2017
STH.5M ITT Inc. Non Adjustable Hydraulic Shock Absorber USML I(h) 11/20/2017
AN/AAQ-24 Directional Infrared Countermeasure, Model AAQ-24(V) Northrop Grumman Corporation Active countermeasure system USML Category XI(a)(4)(iii) 11/20/2017
AAR-54 Missile Warning Sensor System; Model AN/AAR-54(V) Northrop Grumman Corporation Passive Missile Warning System USML Category XI(a)(4)(i) 11/20/2017
Advanced Defensive Cybersecurity Course root9B, LLC Five-week intensive cyber-security course Not subject to the ITAR or the EAR 11/20/2017
P/N FF33000 Sellmark Corporation Front and back spring-loaded backup sight kits, designed for use with AR-15 firearms EAR99 11/20/2017
Controllable Pitch Propeller and Shafting System with Air Emmission System, and its specially designed parts, Components, and accessories Rolls-Royce North America Holdings, inc A system that reduce a vessel's acoustic signature, and its specially designed parts, components, and accessories USML XIII(j)(2) CCL ECCN 8A609.x 11/6/2017
N/A PPG Industries Inc Non-magnetic polyethylene foam parts that fit around a ship mast when assembled USML XIII(j)(2) 11/6/2017
N/A West Virginia University Coaching NCAA Competitive Rifle Team that includes use of a USML Category I firearm USML I(i) 11/6/2017
GuardianGrip S&W J Frame Lyman Products Corporation Grip with spring-loaded finger extension, for revolvers USML I(h) 11/20/2017
LBS-G Teledyne Webb Research Slocum glider, and underwater autonomous gliding vehicle modified from a commercial version, for use by the U.S. Navy USML XXI(a) 9/27/2017
50/75-Watt Wideband RF Power Amplifier Tricom Research, Inc Radio-frequency power amplifier ECCN 3A611.x 9/26/2017
OleaVision OS-5005 Olea Systems, Incorporated Radar that can detect and differentiate between animate and inanimate objects through walls USML XI(a)(3)(xvi) 9/26/2017
N/A Darkblade Technologies LLC Service and associated data used to detect and map underground structures Not subject to ITAR or EAR 9/26/2017
DRT3300 The Boeing Company A software-defined transceiver system that supports intelligence, cyber operations, force protection, and electronic warfare. USML XI(a)(4)(iii) 9/26/2017
TACHYON 16k CAMERA New Infrared Technologies, S.L. An infrared camera with a PbSe (lead selenide) infrared focal plane array and a readout integrated circuit on-chip, that operates in the mid-wave infrared window of 1000 to 5000 nm, and has a wavelength peak response of 3600 nm. ECCN 6A003.b.4.a 9/26/2017
BipodeXt Bipod Extension Systems (4 models) Accuracy Solutions LLC Extension systems that allow a monopod, bipod, or tripod to be positioned at or beyond the muzzle of a firearm EAR99 9/26/2017
Individual Soldier System (ISS) Module for Jagwire Build 475 Associated Universities Inc., DBA National Radio Astronomy Observatory Rotary joint for fiber-optic cables to minimize signal distortion; similar in function to rotary joints used in electromagnetic waveguides EAR99 9/25/2017
Model Fiber Optic Wrap (FOW) Revision "C" Associated Universities Inc., DBA National Radio Astronomy Observatory Rotary joint for fiber-optic cables to minimize signal distortion; similar in function to rotary joints used in electromagnetic waveguides EAR99 9/25/2017
Control Panel Assembly, AAR – Tanker, P/N 446000-003 Esterline Technologies Corporation An input device consisting of switches and knobs used by a mission operator to select various aspects of the air-to-air refueling function USML VIII(h)(11) 9/22/2017
Rack and Panel Connector Ametek Inc Connectors, used to connect electrical devices to an equipment rack or panel EAR99 9/20/2017
Tyton VS2 Series Video Encoder EIZO Rugged Solution Inc. H.265 video encoder EAR99 9/20/2017
Transverse Electric & Magnetic (TEM) Double-Ridged Horn National Radio Astronomy Observatory A radio frequency receiver feed horn providing constant beam-width in both E- and H-planes between 10 and 100 GHz. EAR99 9/20/2017
M2 Buffer Body, Part No. AD-M2BufferBody American Defense Manufacturing, LLC A replacement buffer body assembly for .50 caliber machine guns that can be used to repair a defective part on an M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun, or can be used to build a new M2-type .50 caliber machine gun or .50 caliber semi-automatic firearm USML I(h) 9/20/2017
Control Panel Assembly, EO/IR System Esterline Technologies Corporation A cockpit control panel for the electro-optical/infrared system in the search-and-rescue version of the KC-390 aircraft USML XII(e)(8) 9/22/2017
Dual-Use Power Transformers with Integrated AssetShield Ballistic Shield Protection System ABB, Inc. Power transformers incorporating composite armor shielding for purposes of critical infrastructure protection EAR99 9/20/2017
Control Panel Assembly, AAR – Tanker, P/N 445000-004 Esterline Technologies Corporation An input device consisting of switches and knobs used by a mission operator to select various aspects of the air-to-air refueling function USML VIII(h)(11) 9/22/2017
Multiband Sinuous Antenna Advanced Prototype Associated Universities Inc. Low-noise, wide bandwidth (300-3,000 MHz) antenna EAR99 9/20/2017
Autonomous Navigation Virtual Environment Laboratory (ANVEL) Academic 2.0 and Commercial 2.0 Software Quantum Signal LLC interactive simulation software tool for use with “intelligent” ground vehicles EAR99 9/20/2017
Hand Controller(s) (Basic Family of Systems AeroVironment, Inc. Hand-held controllers for unmanned aircraft which are linked to a ground control station. CCATS 9/20/2017
Infrared Transmitting Germanate Glass, M/N 9754 Corning Incorporated A crystal composition material, in rectangular bar shapes, with transmitting capabilities from ultraviolet to infrared. EAR99 9/20/2017
RPA Pilot Fundamentals Course Training Materials U. of North Dakota Aerospace Foundation training materials for a generic, introductory training segment on the concepts for piloting RPAs Service: not a defense service

Tech data: EAR99
HUNT Training Cyber Threat Intelligence Course root9B, LLC A one-day course that introduces and discusses the intelligence cycle and basic intelligence con-cepts, terminology, tradecraft, and impact, in order to develop and use cyber threat intelligence in identifying, responding to, miti-gating, and preventing cyber threats and similar attacks, both now and in the future. Not USML Controlled and Not Subject to the EAR 8/25/2017
N/A Honeywell International Inc. Circuit Card Assembly Processors ECCN 7A611.x 8/25/2017
Interrupters (P/Ns A301665 and F14560) Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company Explosively actuated mechanisms for safing or arming an explosive train USML IV(h)(9) 8/25/2017
N/A Execushield, Inc Tactical and security training and consulting services Defense Service 8/11/2017
VHF-C-M Spectra Group (UK) Ltd Frequency converter for commercial radios using a satellite link ECCN 5A991.g 8/15/2017
RCLC-1; Gen-2 Miltope Corporation Ruggedized laptop computer ECCN 4A994 8/15/2017
N/A Versum Materials US, LLC Compounds with fluorine Bromine Trifluoride (CAS: 7787-71-5) - ECCN 1C608.m
Chlorine Trifluoride (CAS: 7790-91-2) - ECCN 1C111.a.3.f
Nitrogen Trifluoride (gas) (CAS: 7783-54-2) - ECCN 1C992.m
Telescope, Model RC12.5RWCE3Ax Deep Sky Instruments A standard 12.5 inch Ritchey-Chrétien Cassegain commercial telescope, ruggedized for portable use, both commercial and military, including use on a military missile test range. EAR99 9/7/2017
Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis root9B, LLC A five-day course, covering six subject matter areas, designed to train network defenders to collect, analyze and apply targeted intelligence in order to proactively act on and adapt to sophisticated and dedicated attacks by cyber adversaries. Not USML Controlled and Not Subject to the EAR 8/25/2017
NS-790-3GM VistaOutdoor Rifle scope with generation 3 image intensifier USML XII(c)(2)(ii) 8/15/2017
MAKO The Aerospace Corporation Infrared imaging sensor that operates from Aircraft ECCN 6A003.b.4.a 8/15/2017
COTS DC-DC Power Supplies, M/N:SW2511, P/N: Multiple; and COTS AC-DC Power Supplies, M/N:SW2512, P/N: Multiple Advanced Conversion Technology, Inc. Convert system-level power to DC power levels for various electronic applications (civil/commercial and military). CCATS 8/15/2017
LS-16 II Searchlight; M/N: LS-16 II Luminator Holding L.P. A searchlight that is designed for aircraft ECCN 9A991.d 8/15/2017
N/A FN America Inc Devices that counts shots of a firearm EAR99 8/15/2017
MR-45 Dome Holdings, LLC Magnetic steel targeting system with software for firearms EAR99 8/15/2017
Variable Frequency Synthesizer, NRAO- VLBA L404 216GHz Synthesizer, Version 2 National Radio Astronomy Observatory / Associated universitiies Inc A radio frequency synthesizer for local oscillators that uses direct and indirect input methods to create a coherent/hybrid freuency output in extremely small increments CCATS 10/12/2017
Qelsafe Qelzal Corporation An obstacle avoidance system for civil or commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), consisting of a vision sensor, CPU, software, and other hardware, which enables UAVs to distinguish obstacles and avoids hitting them. CCATS 10/12/2017
L1 v1 Interactive Aerial Inc UAS used for internal infrastructure inspections in low light and GPS-denied environments EAR99 10/12/2017
N/A Nokia Solutions and Networks US LLC Cellular telemetry system modified for military use USML XI(a)(7) 10/12/2017
ShotKam ShotKam LLC A camera mounted beneath the barrel of a shotgun and designed to provide feedback to clay/skeet shooters EAR99 10/12/2017
Synthesys 4.X Digital Reasoning Systems, inc An open, java-based software platform that analyzes large quantities of structured and unstructured data using Natural Language Processing technologies and Machine Learning Techniques. EAR99 10/12/2017
Patriot Excalibur Model Number 5.14 Block 1 Jacobs Engineering Group Inc Scheduling software to automate and consolidate tasks within a military unit EAR99 10/10/2017
Piston Assembly, Model and P/N 9220797 Island Pyrochemical Industries Corp Piston used in the fin and nozzle assembly for 2.75" rocket motors ECCN 9A604.x 10/10/2017
Ring, Solid Rocket booster Frame (Part Number: 24F11191-105) ATI Ladish LLC A stationary part of the first stage rocket. It is a mechanical attachment point for other parts that in turn attach to the solid rocket booster) USML IV(h)(13) 10/10/2017
Weldment/Pintle, P/Ns M11-020, M11-018, and M11-017 Military Systems Group Inc Mock-Up of swivel arm (weldment and pintle) EAR99 10/10/2017
Linear Position Sensor (Model SL-2000) Calculagraph Co. A sensor designed to report the linear distance between two points while mounted inside the fixed end of a hydraulic cylinder EAR99 10/10/2017
40548B Illinois Tool Works, Inc Light detector in quad configuration modified of defense articles USML XII(e )(13) 10/10/2017
Mobile Nitrogen Generating Plant (MNGP), Model 799085 Pacific Consolidated Industries LLC Nitrogen generator that produces larger volumes of high-purity nitrogen ECCN 9A610.f 10/10/2017
N/A Ancra Group, Ancra Cold Plate Elctronics Enclosure for Air-to-Liquid Cooling System ECCN 9A991.d (Part) ECCN 9E991 (Technology) 10/10/2017
Beechcraft T-6C+ and Beechcraft T-6C Textron Aviation Defense Trainer aircraft USML Ca10/29/2017tegory VIII(a)(2)
and ECCN 9A610.a, respectively
UH-60 (S-70) Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter, contains a defense article ECCN 9A610.a aircraft with a USML VIII(h)(10) radar altimeter 9/4/2017
Department of State Transmit/ Receive Modules That Incorporate or Are Monolithic Microwave Intergrated Circuits (MMIC) Fabricated Exclusively with Homojunction CMOS Silicon-Base Circuits on a Silicon Substrate Not USML 9/13/2017
Intercooler, Part Number 31539A Aavid Niagara, LLC Cools the air going into the engine to improve engine performance USML XIX(f)(1) 8/30/2017
RN0108 Battelle Memorial Institute A sensor system to sample the local environment and identify and micobial contamination within a sample Split: USML XIV(f)(2) and Seek a CCATS 8/30/2017
Mole Master Services Corporation Part used in the Safe-T-Shot CO2 system EAR99 8/30/2017
Enhanced Law Enforcement Flight Training Program Special Applications Group Enhanced Law enforcement training for diverse environments utilizing diverse tactics USML IX(e )(3) 8/21/2017
EF8723 ES Beta, Inc Potentiometer to measure opening angle of spacecraft door CCATS 8/21/2017
P/N 2HES4000 and 2HES4500 EnerSys Energy Products Leas-Acid batteries used to power military submarines USML XX(c ) 8/21/2017
VHF-M-M Spectra Group (UK) LTD Frequency Converter for radios using a satellite link ECCN 5A991.g 8/21/2017
Research on Vision-Based Navigation for Formation Flight on the ISS Florida Institute of Technology Research in 3-degrees of freedom (DOF) on the ground, to be extrapolated to 6-DOF in space for formation flight of micro-satellites USML XV(f) 8/21/2017
Cast Tracker (Part Nbr: 710919 / Ver: Rio Grande Software used to monitor, store, and analyze production parameters for 1.5kW Resistance-Heated Vacuum Casting Machine, used in jewelty manufacture EAR99 8/21/2017
590 Shockwave Shotgun; M/N: 590 Shockwave Mossberg Corporation A 12 gauge, smooth bore, pump action firearm USML I(d) 8/12/2017
N/A The City University of New York Biological research project to detect effects of explosives on human genome Not subject to ITAR or EAR 8/7/2017
V 2.3 Orbit Logic, Inc Software for spacecraft event scheduling ECCN 9D515.a 8/7/2017
N/A Williams Gun Sight Company Fixed Position Firearm Sight and Related Technical Drawing EAR99 8/8/2017
MTM-000-A6 L-3 Technologies Inc Thermal imaging monocular USML XII(c )(1)(iii) 9/8/2017
Spring Contract Side Tab (P/N 871100628) Ultra Electronics Precision Air & Land Systems An electrical contact between the F-135 engine and the Engine Ice Protection System USML XIX(f)(1) 9/8/2017
Spring Contract Front Tab (P/N 871100528) Ultra Electronics Precision Air & Land Systems An electrical contact between the F-135 engine and the Engine Ice Protection System USML XIX(f)(1) 9/8/2017
Hot Melt Iron (Model: MCH-100-HMD) Malcom Company Inc An aid for the repair of composites EAR99 8/25/2017
PEC 0137Goose and HousegoWave division MultiplexerECCN 5A991.b.507/03/2017
AMMS 16/8 rev.0, Directional Outdoor Acoustic Sensor nodeMicroflown AVISA BVAcoustic particle velocity sensorEAR9907/03/2017
Tigris-640 MWIR Cameras P/Ns XEN -000610 through XEN-000613 (4 Models) Xenics USA IincMWIR Cameras, MCT or InSb detectors, Standard or Broadband versions that extend to SWIR, for R&D, industrial, medical applicationsECCN 6A003.b.4.a 07/03/2017
hxVAV-SOC Virtualized Audio Video SOC Processor Coherent Logix Inc Multi-Core Digital Signal Processor incorporating DRM encryption for TV broadcast ECCN 3A991.a 07/05/2017
Prism Wedge Blank (B39) United Lens Compant Machined Optical Glass for a Commercial Jet Heads-Up Display ECCN 7A994 07/05/2017
SiloXoShield I & II Family of Products NCP Coatings Inc Low-VOC Paints developed under NRL contract EAR99 07/05/2017
Box Mount Receptacle Tyco Electronics Corporation Electrical connector used in the actuator of the ejector seat of the F-35 EAR99 07/03/2017
Magpump MagPump LLC Hand-operated magazine loading device for the AR15 family of firearm magazines USML III(b) 07/03/2017
Energy index Hoffman Engineering Corp Software that provides a mathematical analysis of the relationship between an air-borne object and a moving platform such as a helicopter or material load being moved by a crane and a moving platform such as the deck of a ship EAR99 07/03/2017
Teraphysics Traveling Wave Tube Teravac Corp A miniature vacuum electron device used to amplify radio frequency signals and operates over a frequency range from 70 to 100 GHz at a maximum of 3.2 watts ECCN 3A001.b.1.a.1 06/20/2017
C8839-12 Pulse Electronics Corporation Data bus coupler designed to 1553 standard EAR99 06/20/2017
NanoPoint Family of IR Laser ModulesB.E. Meyers & Co., IncSmall, lightweight, plug-and-play infrared laser modules designed to be incorporated into existing productsUSML XII(e )(2) 06/22/2017
N/A DroneShield Limited Jammer for consumer/commercial drones USML XI(a)(4)(iii) 06/22/2017
T-7 Remote-Controlled Vehicle and associated equipment HarrisRemote-controlled robotic platform with a disruptor rack and vehicle defeat kit attachments for EOD, as well as a forklift attachment and a controlledSplit - USML Cat IV(c ) , ECCN 1A006.a, and seek CCATS06/27/2017
N/ARecaro North America, IncCommercial, off-the-shelf seating systemEAR99 06/27/2017
N/A Mace Security International Inc Self Defense Spray EAR99 06/13/2017
CCRAV Gnat Warfare Remote-controlled vehicle for dispersal of pepper spray for purposes of crowd control CCATS 06/13/2017
Versaradio VR23, version 1.0 and related servicesLATRO Services, IncSIM Box fraud investigation kit and related services Hardware : ECCN 5A001.f.2 Services: Not a defense service 06/13/2017
Literature about Hernon Autosealer models 5300 and 5500 Hernon Manufacturing IncInformation about two ammunition sealing machines, Hernon Autosealer models 5300 and 5500, as contained in price quotes and marketinf materials prepared for a foreign customerNot subject to ITAR or EAR 06/08/2017
RHNO II Helmet Mount; M/N Dovetail Style, P/N 1950010-D; and M/N Horn Style, P/N 1955010-HNorotos Inc A helmet mount used for attaching night vision goggles to helmets CCATS 06/08/2017
N/A Forward Photonics LLCFast Pulsed, hgh peak power, fiber coupler, direct diode laser moduleUSML XII(e )(2) 06/08/2017
Electric Chassis Assembly Drawer, Part# 859-4000011-01Northrop Grumman Corporation Component of an electronic warfare simulator ECCN 0A614.x 06/08/2017
Tactical Rail Accessory Management System; M/N: TRAMS Advanced Trigger Point Technology inc Electronic accessory activation and control system for AR-15 type weapons USML I(h) 06/08/2017
LW2xx-xxBlco Engineering, LLCGas detection system ECCN 1A004.c 07/26/2017
M0 Scope Mount V1 ModZero LLC Scope Mount EAR99 07/26/2017
1944 Humber Scout Car MKII; M/N Mark II Rootes Group An armored reconnaissance ground vehicle USML VII(e ) 07/25/2017
i2-AX Gimbal System with Laser Rangefinder, Part# 616-xxxxx i2-AX Non-Laser Gimbal System, Part# 617-xxxxxInnovative Intuitive Technology Inc Gimbals incorporating mechanical 4-axis stabilization USML XII(b)(3)(ii)(A) and ECCN 6A003.b.4.a 07/25/2017
S8022 and S9023 Contrast-Enhancement Filter GlassSCHOTT North America, IncContrast-enhancement filter glass developed for use in the cockpits of aircrafts that require night -vision imaging systems EAR99 07/25/2017
Adjustable Rifle Support/Rest; P/N: PMG-K02 ; M/N: PMG-K02 CruxOrd LLCA rifle support system consisting of: tripod, leveling base, precision mount, rifle clamp, and spotting scope mountUSML I(h) 07/25/2017
Solid Oxide Fuel Power Generator, Model No. D350Ultra Electronics, IncBackpack-sized, man portable, propane-fueled solid oxide fuel cell that generates and provides 350 watts of power in an outside-the-wire or expeditionary environment CCATS 07/25/2017
Marketing Brochures for the VS-206 and VS-209 Vectors SensorsMeggitt (Maryland), incMarketing materials for the VS-206 and VS-209 directional underwater acoustic sensors Not subject to ITAR or EAR 07/25/2017
Marketing Brochure for the VS-403 Vector SensorMeggitt (Maryland), incMarketing Materials for the VS-403 directional underwater acoustic sensor Not subject to ITAR or EAR 07/25/2017
Marketing Brochure for the VS-301 Vector SensorMeggitt (Maryland), incMarketing Materials for the VS-301 directional underwater acoustic sensor Not subject to ITAR or EAR 07/25/2017
Marketing Brochure for the VS-101 Vector SensorMeggitt (Maryland), incMarketing Materials for the VS-101 directional underwater acoustic sensor Not subject to ITAR or EAR 07/25/2017
SpotterRF A2000 SpotterRF LLCA Small, lightweight, motion tracking sensor used in perometer security installationsEAR99 07/25/2017
LINK3D, v. 1.0GoHypersonic, IncA parallel multi-block topology-based grip generation software package designed to generate high-quality body-fitter all-hexahedral computational grids EAR99 07/25/2017
Rex A Exact CNC Industries Bomb Parts CCATS 06/28/2017
N/A RTR Firearms Blank Ammunition USML III(a) and ECCN 0A986 06/08/2017
MK-102Spectranetix, IncSoftware defined radio transceiver without firmware and software ECCN 5A991.b 06/08/2017
Fiber Optic Receiver, Part# 4CH-SCMR-100K20G-30-15-10-FAL-3 Communications Narda-MITEQPart for an interferometer, consisting of four fiber optic receivers together with a standard power supply in an enclosureECCN 5A991.b 07/28/2017
Teching/Training Techniques for Accurate Shooting from Fasr Moving Platforms (Specifically, Helicopters)Empyreal Sciences, LLCA training course offered to foreign law enforcement agencies to train their personnel to fire rifles at ground targets, both stationary and moving, from airborne, fast-moving platforms (specifically, helicopters), with high accuracy.USML I(i) 07/28/2017
Airdrop Universal Avionics Systems Corporation CARP/HARP software CCATS 07/27/2017
Robotic Tool Kit (""RTK"")Southwest Research Institute A collection of software components that provide autonomous sensing and driving capabilities for UGVs ECCN 7D994 07/27/2017
Munition Utility Holder Clamp; P/N: 1195122Safariland, LLCA metal clamp used to secure accessories to a 40mm launcher USML II(j) 07/27/2017
PlanetiQ Nanosatellite Space Sciences & Engineering Nanosatellite for collection of atmosheric data related to weather and climate ECCN 9A515.a.5 07/27/2017
11.7 to 13.6 GHz SMA RF Circulator; P/N 1265CES-F01 Electro Technik Industries Inc RF Circulator modified from commercial item with improved power-handling ECCN 3A611.x 07/24/2017
Injection Molds for Handgun Grips, Rifle Stocks, and Shotgun StocksHogue, IncMetal Molds into which molten plastic is injected to produce grips and stocks EAR99 07/24/2017
N/ABel Fuse, IncTNC Polarized Cable Assembly CCATS 07/24/2017
H2 Hose (Flexhose)NanoSonic, IncCryogenically flexible, Class D, hydrogen dispensing hoseEAR99 07/20/2017
Mark V (Brake-By-Wire type)Crane Aerospace, Inc (Hydro-Aire, Inc)Brake Control System CCATS 07/20/2017
MINV Rev G Engineered Magnetics, IncMissile inverter that provides power for missile stage separation, motor ignition, and payload separationUSML IV(c ) 07/20/2017
A/CS/1106 Rev 5 Ward Leonard CT LLC 140KW 60Hz Motor-Generator Set USML XX(c ) 07/20/2017
FI 200CFIBERPRO, IncInertial Measurement unit ECCN 7A994 07/18/2017
WR112 Single Channel Rotary Joint, Model/Part #40-746-0Diamond Antenna and microwave corporation Radio-Frequency Rotary joint for military satellite communications systems ECCN 3A611.x 07/18/2017
N/A Animated Storyboards inc Virtual Reality Simulator EAR99 07/18/2017
N/A Kyocera International Organic substrates for microelectronics EAR99 07/18/2017
N/A n/a Technical Drawing of a plate Split: USML XII(f) prior ro 12/31/16 CCL CCATS after 12/31/16 07/18/2017
GSS9000 Spirent Holdings Corporation Global Navigation Satellite system simulator ECCN 7B994 07/18/2017
Launch Canister Weather Cover; P/N: 68097737-00-P01, 68095372-02P01 and 68095376-00P0115Diab Holding Inc Covers used on a launch canister ECCN 9A604.x 06/22/2017
M592 Shipping and Storage Container, Cartridge 30mmConco, IncA metal container for shipping and storing ammunition EAR99 06/22/2017
Athena GS111m Rockwell Collins Fight Control System for unmanned aerial vehicles ECCN 7A994 06/22/2017
Mark 7 Revolution Mark 7 Reloading LLC A small arms ammunition reloading machine USML III(c ) 06/22/2017
AE-94-77 AE-9478 OSI Systems Inc Light detectors for military aircraft warning system USML XII(e )(13) 06/22/2017
Wire Rope Assembly for the V-22 Aircraft WireCo World Group Part for the Automatic rotor-blade folding system of the V-22 Osprey aircraft CCATS 06/23/2017
Lightweight Tactical Ladder, Model LTL-28Atlas Devices, LLCLightweight tactical ladder with an IR-Signature-reducing coating Split - USML Cat XIII(j)(2) and EAR99 06/23/2017
30mm Square Fiberoptic Faceplate; P/N: 180-5661Incom, IncAn optical component fabricated for a payload designed to fly on a satellite ECCN 9A515.x 06/15/2017
Automotive Radar Test System, M/N ITS-9510Innovative Systems, IncA stand-alone instrument for testing civil automotive radar and traffic sensors in the 77 and 24 GHz bands EAR99 06/15/2017
FORGE LT, FORGE MD, and FORGE TrailerZeroBase Energy, LLCRuggedized portable power system ECCN 0A617.y.4 06/15/2017
N/AAvianna Molecular Technologies, LLCSurface acoustic wave biosensor system used for point of care testing of infectious diseases EAR99 06/15/2017
Fortem Dan-C Radar Fortem Technologies inc Airborne or ground-based radar sensor used to detect objects in the air ECCN 6A008.e 06/15/2017
1280SC-12-A1-InGaAs-1.7Princeton infrared Technologies, inc1280SCICAM InGaAs Science Camera ECCN 6A003.b.4.a 06/13/2017
ATL-3 Ancra international LLC Air to Liquid Airborn Cooling System ECCN 9A991.d 06/13/2017
N/A Raytheon X-Band Low Power Phased Array Radar USML XI(a)(3)(ix) 08/08/2017
Steel Ammunition Can; Model: M592; P/N: 1052565 Marine Lumber International LLC An empty steel ammunition packaging cases for transportation and shipping of commercial non-US Government ammunition EAR99 5/23/2017
The Reaper; M/N: TRSS V1; P/N: RTRSS1 Advanced Accuracy Solutions Weight dispersion exo-skeleton system EAR99 5/23/2017
MicroCam Infrared Camera System (MN: TSC-1000072-XX) Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC An infrared camera designed for industrial and semiconductor applications ECCN 6A003.b.4.a 5/23/2017
Fluorinated Polyurethane, FS#36173, Camoouflage Gray Coating, P/N 97GY160 PPG Industries, Inc Coating with infrared properties USML XIII(j)(2) 5/19/2017
Cable Assembly (PN: CDG20348) AirBorn, inc A cable assembly used to transmit signals between junction points USML VIII(h)(15) 5/15/2017
Control Grip for armored vehicle simulator M/N: Type 1 Scip Engineering LLC Control grip m/n: type 1 will be mounted on an armored vehicle (tank) simulator for land combat training ECCN 0A614.x 5/16/2017
N/A Incom, Inc Optical part that will be used in a space borne cosmic radiation observation facility. This taper will be used to transfer the optical signal of a wavelength transfer fiber bundle. ECCN 9A515.x 5/16/2017
686a tan Hentzen Coatings, Inc CARC, aliphatic polyurethane used as a finish coating on tactical military equipment. This CARC will be applied on an external housing for cameras on military vehicles USML XIV(f)(7) 5/16/2017
46168-37038- GL Kit C&C Ventures Coating developed under military specification Mil-C-46168, REV. D USML XIV(f)(7) 5/16/2017
Prototype Cybernet Systems Automated Vehicle control system EAR99 5/16/2017
N/A Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation Family of video systems designed to photograph launch vehicles, satellites, and aircraft as they operate Split: USML IV(c ) for launch vehicles CCATS for satellites and aircraft 5/16/2017
N/A Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company System incorporating a linear shaped charge that creates a safe escape path in the canopy of T-X Trainer aircraft Split: USML IV(h)(11) and ECCN 9A610.g 5/11/2017
RF-300M-TV001 Harris Corporation Power amplifier for AN/PRC-152 radio ECCN 3A611.x 5/11/2017
Version 0.4.0 Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc Software that help to visualize data EAR99 5/11/2017
Version 0.1.0 Gnostech, Inc Software that corrects computer code in working systems CCATS 5/11/2017
hx40625 Multi-Core Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Coherent Logix, Incorporated fourth-generation reconfigurable DSP ECCN 3A991.a 5/30/2017
Flange, Casting (Part Number: 2783411) Parker Hannifin Corporation - Fluid Systems Division A casting that can be machined into various parts for the F-18 and the EMB-145, among others CCATS 5/23/2017
Thermal Control Films (Model Number: UPILEXS) UBE America Inc Used to shield against ultra-violet radiation and protect electronic components ECCN 1A003.b 5/23/2017
SEMANTICA TEAM 1.0 Software Semantic Research Inc A server-side software application that provides storage and search capabilities for data analysis and visualization ECCN 5D002.c.1 5/23/2017
Tower Solutions PTM, PTX, STS, & ISO Series of Portable Towers Tower Solutions, LLC Portable aluminum towers that have the capability to rise anywhere between 50 to 80 feet and provide lift to diverse 150 to 2000 pounds payloads EAR99 5/23/2017
Flexible Wire Board Assemblies (0N707113-1 and 0N707115-1) Harris Corporation Printed circuit boards for a military radio USML XI(c )(2) 5/23/2017
SatSite Model 142 SC Legba SRl node for cellular communications networks Hardware: ECCN 5A002.a.1 Software: ECCN 5D002.c.1 5/18/2017
N/A Karakoram Group, LLC Business consulting services, in the form of individual and team coaching, that aims to develop decision-making, critical think, and leadership skills in participants Not a defense service 5/18/2017
CORCOM Filter (Model 3VAQ3, Part 6609057-1) Tyco Electronics Corp A Filter used to attenuate power line noise at high frequencies EAR99 5/19/2017
Results Driven program 003 (Version: 03) IP Convergence Corporation A method for managing a training program EAR99 5/17/2017
Alumunum Extrusion; P/N: OEFMC36102 Kaiser Aluminum Fabricated Products A shaped length of aluminum that will be used to make umbilical housing assemblies for missile eject launchers for the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft EAR99 5/17/2017
Rear Receiver QD Swivel Attachment Point M.C Daniel Group Inc attachment point on a rifle for a push-button sling swivel USML I(h) 5/17/2017
Extrusion 14 inch model, P/N: 164950 Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co Aluminum extrusion that will be used to manufacture a Picatinny rail/hand guard for the AR-15 firearm EAR99 5/3/2017
TARAC Alpha Bravo & Charlie TACOMHQ Precision optical devices that attach to a firearm or scope, which shift the apparent image up or dow before it enters a primary optic or the users eye, therby increasing the effective range of an aiming device ECCN 0A987.e 5/3/2017
N/A Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company Charges used in rockets and missile for stage separation USML IV(h)(11) 5/3/2017
Version 5.0 Video inform Software used to identify onjects on images EAR99 5/3/2017
Interface Control Documents (ICD) for the Sagetech MX12A IFF Transponder Sagetech Corporation Information appearing in a document that helps users of the Sagetech MX12A IFF Transponder understand how to operate and integrate the transponder with their aircraft USML XI(d) 5/30/2017
Verifire MST IR 1.55um SWIR Interferometer Ametek Inc Short-Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) laser Fizeau interferometer EAR99 5/30/2017
(GRIN) Lenses Peak Nano Optics, LLC Polymer-Based lenses being developed for use in optical devices such as binoculars, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, and night vision goggles Split: USML I(h) & XII(e )(18) ; ECCNs 7A611.x & OA987.g 6/19/2017
N/A Nutronics, inc Transmitter and receiver for UAV Communications ECCN 5A991.b.5 6/19/2017
RockSmith Hot Knife RockSmith Precision Machining inc Battery powered knife for cutting plastic in the field. EAR99 6/15/2017
Target Simulator, P/N 28620001 L-3 Fuzing & Ordnance Systems,Inc., an affiliate of L3 Technologies, Inc A devices used to test and verify the proper function and performance of proximity airburst Height of Burst sensors that provide above-ground detonation capabilities for missile and bombs USM IV(c ) 6/15/2017
Generator 400 Hertz; M/N: 26P3-1575; P/N: AA29012000, AA26487000, AA28384000, AA28384001, h264870000 Nidec Motor Corporation A generator that powers radars for the Patriot Missile Syetem ECCN 0A617.y.4 4/14/2017
G400, GIV, and GIV-MSG3 Gulfstream Aerospace Corp, and BAE Systems Gulf Stream GIV/G400 Aircraft with AN/ALQ-204(V) Matador Infrared Countermeasure System Installed ECCN 9A991.b for aircraft ; USML XI(a)(4)(iii) for the Matador 4/6/2017
80180/80254 Innovative Integration, Inc Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Module and its associated Adapter USML XI(c )(2) for the PCB Module, ECCN 3A611.x for the Adaptor 4/14/2017
N/A Bright Lights Usa, Inc Elastomeric hose that meets a federal specification for such items, for use in coolant systems and heaters for automotive and other liquid-cooled engines EAR99 4/14/2017
SandShark Micro Autonomous Underwater Vehicle General Dynamics Corp Multipurpose autonomous underwater vehicle CCATS 4/14/2017
Seecure Enterprise Software, Version 1 Seecure Systems inc Software to detect incipient publi safety risks EAR99 4/14/2017
Night-Vision Google Operations Manual AAR Airlift Group, Inc an operations manual developed in-house regarding procedures for flights involving the use of night-vision goggles EAR99 4/14/2017
v1.0 Tresys Technology, LLC XD Guardian cross domain solution and data diode CCATS 4/18/2017
Infra Red Light Assembly; M/N: OX40036 Rev A; p/n: ILAOX40036 Oxley Inc IR Emitter Assembly ECCN 9A610.x 4/18/2017
Maqbool Pulsejet Engine North American Corporation (NAWEC) Valveless Pulsejet aircraft engine ECCN 9A991.d 4/18/2017
NH15 Escape Hood, Model: NH15, P/N: Multiple Avon Protection Systems, inc An air purifying escape respirator used for emergency situations where CBRN threats are presented ECCN 1A004.a 4/18/2017
42736 U.S Department of Homeland Security 2016 Jamming Exercise After-action Report USML XI(d) 4/18/2017
M500 Flir Systems Inc MWIR and Visible Marine Camera Systems ECCN 6A003.b.4.a 4/18/2017
HQ-90 & HQ-40 Latitude Engineering, LLC Two Hybrid Quadrotor unmanned aerial systems (UAS) with no configuration for a payload ECCN 9A012.a 4/18/2017
the aluminum conversion coating per MIL-A-8625 & MIL-DTL-5541 T&T Anodizing, Inc A protective anodized conversion coating per MIL-A-8625 on pre-manufactured aluminum components EAR99 4/18/2017
AK Master Mount side rail Premier Shooting Solutions LLC A dovetail shaped metal rail installed on the side of AK styled rifles EAR99 4/6/2017
OVI 901 1001 Oceus Networks inc OVPN remote network connectivity to access resources securely ECCN 5A992.c 4/6/2017
Self-Sealing Rubber Hose, P/N AE502-16 Eaton US Holdings, inc., d/b/a Eaton Aeroquip, LLC Self-sealing fuel system hose used in several types of military attack and utility aircraft, incl. both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. ECCN 9A610.y.10 4/6/2017
Asysco Migration Technology (AMT) - Software and Services Asysco, Inc Migration-technology software and assiated services Software - EAR99 Services - not subject to either the ITAR or the EAR 4/6/2017
STK Aviator Pro Analytical Graphics, Inc Aircraft Simulation Software EAR99 4/4/2017
Microvanes, Part# 3368268-1/20 Metro Aerospace, LLC a small device bonded in sets of twenty to the fuselage of aircraft with an aft cargo door in order to change airflow and reduce drag on the aircraft CCATS 4/4/2017
MT-300 Mobile Tracking Antenna Troll Systems Corporation MT Series Ultra-High-Gain Mobile Tracking Antenna ECCN 7A994 4/4/2017
Body ASM LH Support, Part # 3703094C3, Revision C; Body ASM RH Suport, Part# 3703095C3 , Revision C Grede Holdings LLC The left and right hand body supports (brackets) are used to attach or mount the vehicle can to the body CCATS 4/4/2017
SigBase 4000 Digital Global Systems Inc Software defined platform for mobile and unattended wideband spectrum analysis ECCN 3A992.a 4/4/2017
Turbopump Information Firefly Systems inc Information to elicit whether a foreign company is capable of designing and building a turbopump to certain broad specifications CCATS 4/4/2017
4BC-1726 Nidec Motor Corporation A 24-Volt direct current electric motor modified to meet the requirements for integration into a tank turret USML VII(g)(8) 4/4/2017
Verision 1.0 Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc Computer processor with interlock security CCATS 4/4/2017
KILO2400ABS SIG Sauer, Inc Digital Laser Rangerfinder with Embedded Ballistic Calculator EAR99 EAR99 4/4/2017
ZRG-6000-1 DarkLight G2B and ZRG-7000-1 DarkLight G2G Zephyr International LLC A visible and infrared LED light that assists a hoist user at night in identifying a hooks location during hoist operations EAR99 3/31/2017
VSRS Tethers Unlimited, Inc 3D printed radiation shielding ECCN 9A515.x 3/31/2017
X-PANDR Box Explotrain, LLC Multiple Output simulator and Training Instructional Aid CCATS 3/31/2017
N/A Samtec Inc Customized Cable assembly ECCN 3A611.x 3/31/2017
N/A MBDA Inc Communications link between aircraft and missle USML XI(a)(5)(i) 3/31/2017
First Version CYA Supply Co Inside Waistband Holster EAR99 5/2/2017
RF-7800N-RS100 Router Module, P/N 11185-3100-01 Aqeri AB (Sweden), for Harris Corp A network communications router and switch module that provides survivable, internet protocol-based telephony, data, and video services while maintaining compatibility with existing communications systems ECCN 5A002.a.1 5/2/2017
SRT-700/A Leonardo - Finmeccanica S.p.A Airborne transceiver that provides amplitude and frequency modulated voice and data communications on fixed and rotary wing aircraft ECCN 9A610.x 5/2/2017
N/A Troy industries Inc Video on the operation, function, and cleaning of the non-automatic Troy pump action rifle EAR99 5/2/2017
2230 Safariland LLC NIJ report for Level IV ballistic plate USML X(e ) 5/2/2017
MFT TAR TL5 PRO PERSONAL Marker; Model: TL5, P/N: TL5 Mission First Tactical LLC A personal marker with adjustable visibility ange for the protection of soldiers from friendly fire USML XII(c )(8) 4/25/2017
Version 0.1 SAIFE, Inc Software to protect against cyber attacks ECCN 5D002 4/25/2017
N/A RingIR, Inc Detector and identifier of ambient gases, including explosives and biochemical agents ECCN 1A004.d 4/25/2017
SD IRIE & HD IRIE L-3 Technologies Infrared imaging cameras designed for the MX-series surveillance system USML XII(e )(4) 4/25/2017
Version 2 Tethers Unlimited, Inc Satellite based software defined radio platform USML XI(a)(5)(i) and ECCN 9A515.x 4/25/2017
N/A CTS Advanced Materials, LLC Cut, finished, and coated crystal part for insorporation into an integrated transducer assembly for use in a sonar system for submarines EAR99 4/25/2017
G400, GIV, and GIV-MSG3 Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and BAE Systems Infrared countermearures systems installed on Gulf stream GIV/G400 aircraft. USML XI(a)(4)(iii) 3/27/2017
Vortex Illuminated Bubble Level Sheltered Wings, Inc DBA Vortex Optics An illuminated bubble level that is mountable to a MIL-STD- 1913 accessory rail. USML I(h) 3/27/2017
Benelli M4 Collapsible Stock Benelli USA Benelli M4 Collapsible Stock EAR99 3/27/2017
Anvil Semi Auto Precision Rifle; M/N: Gen I RTH Firearms Semi auto rifle used for recreational, hunting and sporting events. USML I(a) 3/27/2017
N/A KBR, Inc Technical data and services for a space project. USML XV(f) 3/27/2017
N/A Integral Mind Technologies, LLC Artificial intelligence platform EAR99 3/23/2017
FM Units Sierra microwave Technology Duplexer for radar imaging spacecraft. ECCN 9A515.x (article) and ECCn 9E515.a (technology) 3/23/2017
DART-T, TELOS, and BLOS-T Raytheon Company Wireless methor of point-to-point, beyond the line-of-sight communication. ECCN 5A991.b 3/23/2017
N/A Patriot Defense Group LLC Proposal document for training services. CCATS 3/23/2017
T10-SC Thermal Imager Torrey Pines Logic inc Thermal Imaging Device USML XII(c )(2)(i) 3/23/2017
Release Bolt Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (California) LLC A severing tool or explosive release bolt to separate the stages of a bomb or SLV. USML IV(h)(11) 3/23/2017
NOP0748 Noptel Oy Marksmanship Training Device EAR99 3/23/2017
117X Applied Systems Engineering Inc Commercial off shelf Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier. CCATS 1/11/2017
N/A Pall Corporation Sintered Stainless steel mesh filter disc used in the On-board Oxygen Generating System for the JSF. ECCN 9A610.x 1/11/2017
Bolt Carrier Group Brownells, Inc A bolt carrier group for an AR-15/M-16 Rifle. USML I(h) 1/11/2017
Compound Protection Software 16/7 US Microflown Software package specially designed for use with Microflowns Acoustuc Multi-Mission Sensor (AMMS) 16/8 rev.0 for localization oof gunshot and mortar rounds. USML XI(d) 1/11/2017
Greenough Advance Rescue Craft (Base Craft Models: 3.6G, 4.3G, 4.3D) Maritime Applied Physics Corp Base models of their advanced rescue watercraft. ECCN 8A992.f 1/10/2017
Fuel Bladder; M/N: 1.3 ; P/N: F1341-237101 Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing Inc Storage of jet fuel used in a torpedo CCATS 1/10/2017
Accu-Pistol Brace Pro Kit Steady Shot LLC A pistol stabilizer brace that can be attached to multiple pistols. EAR99 1/10/2017
Boron Caribine Nanopowder Pcatinny Arsenal Boron carbine nanopower with particles of 60 micrometers or less in size for the production of armor components, or commercialy as an abrasive or for high-hardness functions. EAR99 1/10/2017
Project title: Enchance Environmental Performance for Safety Glass National Center for Manufacturing Sciences Research for the purposes of improving safety glass (windshields on military vehicles) to mitigate rock-strike damage). Split 1/17/2017
FINDER SpecOps Group, Inc Radar system meant for finding victims in catastrophe situations. The radar works by detecting heartbeat and respiration. EAR99 1/17/2017
High Shock Gas Filled Thermometers and High Stock Bimetal Thermometers Model# MIL-G-19646 and MIL-I-17244E Part# various (E31, E32m E35) Other Id: 31G, 41G, and 81G Ashcroft, Inc Thermometers specially designed for use in and with U.S. military vessels, which are currently used on U.S. Navy military submarines and aircraft carriers. USML XX� 1/17/2017
N/A Allied Vision GmbH Firmware for Infrared Cameras EAR99 1/17/2017
Advanced Training Laser Pistol (Model Sf25) (Version: Basic and Version Pro Advanced) Laser Ammo USA Inc Firearm training simulator. CCATS 1/17/2017
Mott 5000 Series Mott Corporation Flow restrictors to transport gases. EAR99 1/17/2017
17 micron; 320x240 and 640x480 L-3 Communications Infrared focal plane arrays with 17 micron pitch. ECCN 6A992.a.3.f 1/17/2017
N/A Action Target, Inc Safety training using a shoothouse. This training course simulates operations in scenarios typically encountered by police officers. The training covers various things, including operating a firearm in these scenarios. USML I(i) 2/10/2017
1553B IP Core Digital Design Corporation VHDL design for PLD/FPGA/ASIC that provides BD, RT, and BM functionality for MIL-STD-1553B. ECCN 7D994 2/10/2017
PDG7558B & 2022as100 Champ Industries, Inc Engine lift trailer and a disabled aircraft wheel dolly. EAR99 2/10/2017
IR Reflective Textile NanoSonic, Inc Foam neoprene fabric with a coating that provides thermal insulation. EAR99 2/10/2017
Battery Compartment; Night Vision Airtonics Battery compartment for night vision goggles. ECCN 7A611.x 2/10/2017
MESA-DAA Echodyne Corp Radar for airborne or ground-based detect and avoid for UAVs. USML XI(a)(3)(i) 2/10/2017
N/A Glaxo Operations UK Limited (Among others) Alkylating agents used for medical purposes in cancer treatments. EAR99 2/10/2017
OOO Wayfarer Technologies Augmented reality medical training software system under development. EAR99 3/7/2017
i2-XM Innovative Intuitive Technology Iinc Stabilized gimbal with standard definition EO and IR Video. ECCN 6003.b.4.a 3/8/2017
Pachmayr Grip Extenders Lyman Products Corporation Adapter that fits securely over factory magazines EAR99 3/7/2017
F-18 Switch Panel Assembly Installed on F-18 aircraft cockpit panel Zodiac Lighting Solutions Aircraft lighting installed on military that emits lights. USML VIII(h)(1) 3/7/2017
Mod 1 Carolina Unmanned Vehicles UAV system to capture drones CCATS 3/7/2017
Versatile Biathlon Stock ; M/N: 1; P/N: 1 Lost Nation Research & Development Adjustable stock designed specifically for an .22lr biathlon rifle. USML I(h) 3/7/2017
i2-XL Innovative Intuitive Technology Iinc Stabilized gimbal with standard definition EO and IR Video. ECCN 6A003.b.4.a 3/8/2017
Hydraulic Accumulator Parker Hannifin Accumulator CCATS 3/15/2017
Cyber Protection Training Sphinx Group International LLC Basic Training service on computer network defense provided to foreign oil and gas energy industry personnel. Not ITAR or EAR 3/15/2017
Mark 8 CQBSS 1.1-8x24MM Riflescope (model mark 8 CQBss 1.1- 8x24MM) Leupold & Stevens, INC Optical sighting device for firearms USML I(f) 2/22/2017
Foot System to Evaluate Pressure and Shear (FoorSTEPS) Innovative Scientific Solutions, Incorporated A hardware and software system that measures the 3-D forces produced by foot contact. EAR99 2/28/2017
Law Enforcement Training Services Sphinx Group International LLC Law Enforcement Training Services provided to foreign law enforcement students. Not ITAR or EAR 2/28/2017
Field Intravenous Reconstitution (FIVR) System Applied Research Associates, Inc A compact sterile water for injection (SWFI) generator with an aseptic bag filling system. EAR99 2/28/2017
Generic Leadership Training Services Sphinx Group International LLC Generic Leadership Training Services provided to a foreign military audience. CCATS 2/28/2017
Roller Chain (Model Number: 42804-2 Rivet Chain) (Part Number: 387-371750P) The Boeing Company Commercial link chain modified to be a roller chain used as an ammo feed for a Boeing M230 30mm gun. USML II(j) 2/28/2017
250T8G18 AR RF Microwave instrumentation Traveling wave tube amplifier EAR99 2/27/2017
STINN-LTEmp Optronic Laboratories LLC, d/b/a Gooch & Housego A lithium niobiate quality factor switch factor switch used in ;aser systems having both military and commercial (Medical) use. CCATS 2/28/2017
Electro-optic Q-Switch, Model No. 7100-11/97-00970-01 Cornet Technology inc Lightweight man-packable network node designed to operate with a wide range of handheld devices, including smartphones. ECCN 5A002.a.1 2/28/2017
Radome Boresight Error Measuring System Family, Model nos. B-310, B315, B350-80, and P465 Acutronic USA, INC Equipment primarily designed to test radomes to determine if their electrical characteristics are within acceptable limits ECCN 5A002.a.1 2/28/2017
SA-200 Weasel Scion UAS, LLC Autonomous turbine-powered helicopter together with a ground-control station and antenna. ECCN 9A012.a 2/28/2017
N/A Antenna Associates Inc Antenna elements (PC Board), which are part of an electronically steered antenna will be used for the electronic steering of a radar beam. USML XI(c )(2) 2/28/2017
10553-1300-0X Keypad Display Unit Harris Corporation, Communication Systems Remote keypad to Harris Falcon II and Falcon III radios. ECCN 3A611.x 2/28/2017
Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) Threat Training TechINT Solutions Group Training course to familiarize particiants with the threats posed by commercially available small unmanned aircraft systems (i.e., drones) and the range of available countermeasures. EAR99 for the basic course. USML Cat IX(e )(3) for combat-specific training 3/1/2017
Pachmayr Mag Sleeves Lyman Products Corporation An adapter that fits securely over factory magazines. EAR99 3/1/2017
Conceptual Autonomous Reverberation measurement System (ARMS) University Washington A concepual sea-floor system to acoustically collect reverberation data generated by weather events at the sea surface. CCATS 2/7/2017
Version 8.X SafeNet Assured Technologies Key Management platform. ECCN 5A002.a.1 2/7/2017
Single Action Arresting Hook Dukes Aerospace inc A pneumatic arresting-hook actuator (consisting of cylinder, a piston and seals) Specifically designed for the F-16 aircraft. USML VIII(h)(5) 2/7/2017
iScout (the Sensor) McQ Inc Small Solar or battery powered sensor for detecting the movement of people or vehicles ECCN 3A611.x 2/16/2017
LCS050G Geometrics, Inc Total field magnetometer sensor module USML XI(a)(9) 2/16/2017
Handl Defense Combat Assault Rifle-Universal; M/N: CAR-U mod 1; P/N: HD 1005-10-279-0001 Handl Defense LLC Magazine fed, gas operated, and select fire rifle that is able to use a large variety of calibers in one weapon system USML I(b) 2/16/2017
Semi-Finished Lower Receiver AR-15; M/N: AR-15 Wilcox industries Corp Lower Receiver USML I(g) 2/16/2017
N/A Harris Corporation, Communication Systems TVP, which is used to take analog videos from a camera and digitize the videos. ECCN 3A661.a 2/16/2017
FA84ZC0007 Moog, Inc. Actuation system, which facilitates maneuverability of the aircraft by adjusting the left and right wings to align with the aircrafts angle of attack. ECCN 9A610.x 2/16/2017
ProtectSED Software SafeNet Assured Technologies Software to manage and distribute cryptographic keys for self-encrypting drives (SEDs) at disparate locations. ECCN 5D002.c.2.1 2/16/2017
Silicon carbide and boron carbide ceramic tiles for body armor systems; P/N: Torso/Side shaped Ceramic Tile Morgan Advanced Materials and Technology, Inc Torso shaped tiles used in front, back, and side body armor configurations. CCATS 2/16/2017
Feedthru CeramTec North America Corporation Hermetic Assembly CCATS 2/16/2017
Model AN/PRC-149A KDC Tech Solutions International, LLC Communications Equipment ECCN 3A611.a 2/16/2017
Revision M AR Systems Inc Lamp dimmer for the Horizontal Reference System ECCN 3A611.x 2/16/2017
planetary Gearhead with Mounting kit Parker Hannifin Corp Planetary gearhead, of a type in various high-precision motion-control-control applications, both commercial and military, that require a high torque-to-volume ratio, high torsionalstiffness, and low backlash ECCN 9A991.d 01/04/2017
N/A MXL Industries, Inc Visor of n integrated helmet system EAR99 01/04/2017
C7022 Johnson Matthey Inc Bis-phosphine ferrocene ligands, which are used to perform a variety of chemical reactions, used to construct complex organic molecules for use in commercial pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications USML V(f)(4)(xv) 01/04/2017
C3088 Johnson Matthey Inc Rhodium ferrocene catalysts, which perform chemical cross-coupling and hydrogenation reaction, used to construct complex organic molecules for use in commercial pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications USML V(f)(4)(xv) 01/04/2017
N/A Phoenix Logistics, Inc Transmission line coupler used in the Apache AH-64 helicopter ECCN 9A610.x 01/06/2017
Next-Generation Image Control Unit (NGICU) Palomar Display Products, Inc Biocular, color, high-definition display that receieves imagery in standard video formats from cameras and other video sources, and is a major component of military television sighting and viewing units ECCN 0A606.x 01/10/2017
Pocket UAS AeroVironment, Inc Micro quadcopter unmanned aite system CCATS 01/10/2017
Quartz High-Pressure Ballistic Pressure Sensor, Part No. 617C Kistler Instrument Corporation A piezoelectric ballistic pressure sensor for interal ballistics testing, closed bomb testing, and fast pressure event measurement and testing used for firearms and ammunition testing, and automobile air bag testing. USML III(d)(3) 01/30/2017
F-18 Switch Panel Assembly installed on F-18 aircraft cockpit panel IDD Aerospace Corp Avionic panel display switch used on the F-18 aircraft for filtering the emission of light CCATS 01/31/2017
F-22 Bezel Assembly installed in a Projection Primary Display (PPMFD) Cockpit IDD Aerospace Corp Avionic control display switch bezel used on the F-22 aircraft for filtered light emission USML VII(h)(1) 01/31/2017
VPX 3U; VPX 6U SynQor inc Power Supplies EAR99 01/31/2017
Various AR-15 parts N/A replacement parts for an AR-15 rifle, which is a rifle used for hunting and personal protection Split Determination 01/31/2017
EBM-1000 SynQor inc Lithium polymer battery EAR99 01/31/2017
MPS 4000 Series; MPPS 4000 Series SynQor inc Ruggedized power supplies EAR99 01/31/2017
Umbilical Guide Housing Kaiser Aluminum Fabricated Products an aluminum extrusion for the manufacture of Umbilical Guide Housings for the Eurofighter Typhoon USML VIII(h)(6) 01/31/2017
SD-41 Oceus Networks, Inc Ruggedized smartphone with enchance security features ECCN 5A002.a.1 01/30/2017
N/A John Bean Technologies Corporation Ground Power Unit for Aircraft CCATS 01/23/2017
JTP Plus 270 VDC Power Unit John Bean Technologies Corporation Combination ground power system, which is capable of servicing military aircraft that require 270 VDC from a single unit CCATS 01/23/2017
JTP Plus 270 VDC/400 Hertz Combo unit John Bean Technologies Corporation Combination ground power system, which is capable of servicing military aircraft that require 400 Hz or 270 VDC from a single unit CCATS 01/23/2017
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